Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Soulja Boy

This morning I saw Soulja Boy on "Regis and Kelly" singing the song "Crank dat". I've heard this song many times and every time I think - what the hell is he actually singing? So, I looked up the lyrics.


Turns out he's not saying much of anything.

Here's one of the verses:

Soulja Boy up in it (OH!)
Watch Me Lean And Watch Me Rock
Super Man Dat (OH!)
Then Watch Me Crank Dat Robocop
Super Fresh, Now Watch Me Jock
Jocking On Them Haterz Man
When I Do Dat Soulja Boy
I Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance
(Now You)
I'm Jocking On Yo Bitch Ass
And If We Get The Fightin
Then I'm Cocking On Your Bitch
You Catch Me At Yo Local Party
Yes I Crank It Everyday
Haterz Get Mad Cuz
"I Got Me Some Bathin Apes"

WHAT DOES ANY OF THAT EVEN MEAN?! What happened to songs that mean something? I'm looking forward to some artist covering this song a la The Gourds with Gin and Juice or Eva Cassidy with Straight Out of Compton.

After watching Soulja Boy, hearing the song, and reading the lyrics, I think I like it best in this form:


  1. I'm particularly perplexed by the "bathin apes" line. Perhaps there is a gangsta out there who can enlighten me.

  2. Oh my god that is hilarious. I just sent it to just about everyone I know.

  3. "Bathin' Apes" are a type of shoe. I thought I already wrote that, but I guess not.