Friday, January 04, 2008


Belle in a Yellow Dress 3

When I was young, my parents took me to an amusement park in Florida. I was enamoured of this woman (one of the park employees) that dressed up in a big, yellow southern belle dress. So, before we went home, my parents bought me this doll of the woman in the dress I loved.

Music Box

I loved this little carousel music box when I was younger. As it plays its tune, the horses go up and down and the platform spins around. Now it sits on a shelf in my old bedroom and gets covered in dust.

Someday, when I have space (insert maniacal laughter here) I will rescue some of these things. Maybe not the doll (because dolls are kind of creepy - I feel like they're always staring at me) but definitely the music box.

camera: pentax *ist ds
lens: 100mm macro
settings: f2.8 @ 1/30 (doll) @ 1/60 (carousel)

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