Monday, August 21, 2006

I wish I have a clever story to regale you all with, but my life has been fairly boring lately. Actually, it's a lot like being in New York, only with semi-unreliable internet and fewer television stations in English. Actually, I take that back; there are about the same number of television stations in English.

On Saturday, I went out to the giraffe center. After the baby elephants, the full grown giraffes were something of a let down. Though, despite that, I did feed and pet Daisy, a reticulated giraffe. I also went to their excellent gift shop that had - besides just about everything you could want shaped like a giraffe - other souvenirs of a slightly more upscale nature than the typical crap that people sell on the street around here. So, I suppose the trip was worth it just for the gift shop. There were also some really bg toroises moseying around and the ever-present warthogs. Fun stuff.

I am almost finished collecting data here, and I am flying to Tanzania on Wednesday night. Good stuff, I tell you! I'm currently running approximately one week ahead of schedule, so that is very very good. If all goes according to plan, I will be sitting in Zanzibar this Saturday. Whee!

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