Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Pretoria Zoo

Today I went to the zoo! The Pretoria Zoo is not exactly in the best of condition, though they have a pretty amazing set of animals, concentrated most on African animals. They had a bunch of stuff I've seen before, a bunch of stuff I HADN'T seen before, plus a cable car offering views over the zoo. I rode the cable car to the top of tiger hill and back down, and not since my time in China has a ride scared me so much. Note to self: do not go on rides in Africa. Ever.

Today I saw.....

Desert Cat



Fast kitties!

Tiger 1

BIG kitties!




Pretty birdies!

Lazy piggies!

... and, of course.... MONKEYS! More monkeys (okay, apes and lemurs too) than I've seen at ANY zoo. Including the Bronx Zoo, and the National Zoo.

(for those that care .... that would be none of you, okay. Well, for my own reference, they had four species of lemur, three species of gibbons, gorillas, baboons, mandrills, assorted guenons and mangabeys, chimps, assorted marmosted and tamarins, lion tailed macaques, and probably more that I am forgetting)


  1. LEMURS!! I care very much about the lemurs.

  2. I wish I could have gotten photos of some of the other ones! But instead of being in glass enclosures, they were in chain link enclosures and my pictures didn't come out. :(