Sunday, October 01, 2006

Swahili is fun!

Here are a few fun swahili words I found while in Africa:

Dakwakusutha: one who gets rude when he's full of drink

Songololo: centipede, or "the slow one"

Gilingwe: one who swallows up leopards, or "the fearless one"

Gobandlovu: one who bends elephants, or "the strong one"

Mabhongendlini: one who bellows like a bull in the house

Magwazephinda: one who is not satisfied with just a single achievement

Nhlekabayeni: one who laughs at a bride groom's party, or "one who laughs at anything


  1. But how do you say, "Hippos? I HATE f'ing Hippos!"

  2. dude. when are you going to post again? it's not like you are working on your dissertation or anything.